gfG.LLC Publishing
P. O. Box 1656
Ft Lauderdale FL 33302

gfG is a small family maintained company, with the client in mind. People that has a story to tell and never thought they would have the resources to get their story out.

The company is a dream come true; for the dreamer it’s reality.

We are small but powerful to those we service. gfG; a David among the Goliaths’ of the publishing industry.

gfG was founded in 2010 by Mattie Dorsey.

After retiring from the corporate world she decided to write; her second love. Researching different publishing companies and their policies, she decided to start her own company to publish her works and eventually help others.

gfG is in the process of publishing a number of manuscripts for new and exciting authors. There are romance novels, urban stories, children books, poetry and much more.

gfG, would like to enhance the world of reading and reach people whom has strayed away from the entertainment possessed by the written words, the power in reading.

Children materials - Children need positive reinforcement and truth. Today’s children are much wiser.  The technologies they are surrounded with increase their knowledge tremendously. They are privy to many things and they need positive and uplifting role models.

Our goal is to excite the public to pick up a book, starting from the youngest to the oldest members of the family. Leave the video game and feed the brain.       
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